5 Cost-Effective Ideas to Make a Small Apartment Seem Roomier

5 Cost-Effective Ideas to Make a Small Apartment Seem RoomierWhen you live in a small apartment, finding space becomes a challenge. In a cramped place, it can feel like anything you bring into your home automatically becomes clutter.

If you receive Section 8 benefits , you may not always be able to find places with the amount of space you would prefer. However, there are techniques you can employ to make your space feel a bit roomier.

Strategic design, lighting and organization can make a small room feel like a larger space. By re-evaluating how you use your space and making some key changes, you can open up your home and make it feel less cramped.

Opening up your small apartment  can decrease anxiety and increase your desire to enjoy your space. You can more easily host guests and make your home an enjoyable place to spend time. Clearing out your clutter, finding multipurpose furniture and placing accent pieces strategically will improve the flow. The sections below have some useful small apartment decorating ideas that are both cost effective and space efficient.

1.     How to Get Rid of Excess Clutter

If you have a small apartment, you have little wiggle room when it comes to extraneous items. In limited spaces, just a few belongings out of place can make a room feel disorganized and cramped. If you have items that do not belong anywhere or you have no storage space left, consider clearing things out. Getting rid of clutter is the easiest way to make a space feel roomier, and it costs exactly nothing.

Go through your small apartment space looking for items that you do not use. Clothes that you have not worn in over a year should go. Papers and documents should be organized and filed away if important, and thrown away if not. Look for loose cables and old, outdated electronics taking up space in drawers. In general, look for drawer and cabinet space being used for unnecessary items, and empty them out.

By creating more space in your drawers, closets and shelves, you minimize the amount of clutter that gathers on any horizontal surface. This can open up space in your home and decrease your overall levels of stress. Getting rid of clutter means less mess, and it also means more space for you to move around. You can repurpose some of your home items if you believe that some of them can be used creatively.

2.     How to Find Multipurpose Furniture

When you are trying to conserve space in a small apartment, your biggest help will be multipurpose furniture. From the classic sleeper sofa to wall-mounted pull-out desks, multipurpose furniture reduces the amount of furniture required in your home. By bringing in pieces that perform multiple functions, you can make it easier to fill your home with fewer things.

A bed that works as a sofa during the day gives you more floor room than two separate pieces would. A desk that folds into the wall can come down only when you need it and stay tucked away the rest of the time. Sometimes, such pieces can cost a bit more than standard furniture would.

However, if it replaces two or more pieces of furniture, it can still be a more cost-effective way of freeing up space. By filling your small apartment with a few pieces of multipurpose furniture, you can significantly cut down on clutter.

3.     How to Paint the Walls Light Colors

Your apartment’s paint color plays an important role in how large the space feels. Different colors can have different effects on a room’s ambiance. However, the most effective way to make a space feel larger is to paint the walls in bright colors. Light paint reflects light more effectively, which means the whole room feels more like a wide open space.

On the other hand, darker colors will absorb light and minimize how open a space feels. Light colors with strategic, contrasting accessories can make a room feel breezy and spacious. In certain spaces, you can even do three light-colored walls and one darker one to make it seem like the dark wall is receding, adding a sense of depth and space to the room.

In a small apartment, painting is a relatively easy project. All you need are basic painting supplies and a bed sheet. Additionally, in a small apartment, encouraging the flow of light plays a big role in a room’s perceived space. Along with light colors that reflect sunlight, you should also have minimal or light window curtains and use plenty of indoor lighting. This will help make your apartment feel more inviting and less stuffy.

4.     How to Place Mirrors Strategically

Mirror placement can make or break a room design. By adding large mirrors at the end of hallways or above central locations, you can create the illusion of more space. On the other hand, small mirrors or mirrors located in a corner will make a room seem cluttered without expanding the perceived space.

Therefore, filling your home with well-placed mirrors is a great and cheap way to make it look much bigger and inviting. When you design your small apartment, look for ideal locations for mirrors. Spots where you can continue a running pattern or reflect sunlight are good locations.

It is important to pick a location where the mirror faces the room. Hiding the mirror in a corner, where people have to go out of their way to see it, will not help. Additionally, make sure that the view your mirror reflects is an appealing one. For example, you probably would not want to put a mirror in a spot reflecting your toilet or a trash can. Use mirrors to highlight focal pieces instead.

5.     How to Draw the Eye Upward

In a small apartment, taking advantage of vertical wall space is a great way to maximize the space available. By drawing the eye upward, you emphasize the height of the room and distract from the limited floor space. You can accomplish this by installing shelving up the walls. Shelving at the top of the room can have a particularly strong impact.

Additionally, a common small apartment decorating idea is to employ stripes. By painting stripes on your walls, you create a design that encourages visitors to look up. To take advantage of vertical space in your small apartment, you can also hang interesting light fixtures from the ceiling.

Painting the ceiling two or three shades darker than the wall can also make a room seem taller. It creates the illusion of shadow from a tall ceiling. You can additionally consider hanging paintings high up on your wall to fill the space. Installing long curtains will also give the appearance of a taller ceiling. You can also repurpose fabric and other materials to make beautiful curtains perfect for your new apartment and make it look bigger.