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5 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

5 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a BudgetEven though decorating small spaces sounds like a challenge, it can be fun when you put your mind to it.

Your bedroom may not be a deluxe master bedroom, but with some good décor, you can make your small space comfy and large. With your small space, you can get creative by brainstorming small bedroom ideas, thus finding ways to stretch your dollar for the right decor.

If you are creative and crafty, thinking of DIY bedroom makeover ideas. When a cheap bedroom makeover is an order, there are ways to make a room look luxurious and full with little resources. Below are tips on how to decorate a room with no money and still make your bedroom look like the large space you have dreamed about.

Idea 1: Use a Limited Color Palette for Decorating Small Spaces

When you are thinking about bedroom makeover ideas on a budget, having a limited color palette can knock out two birds with one stone. Using a limited color palette for your small space will allow you to use some pops of color while keeping within your budget. On the other hand, using too many colors in a small bedroom space can make the space feel overwhelming. When deciding on what colors make a room look bigger and brighter, the best colors must be of a lighter hue. Soft tones also create a more inviting feeling, like soft tones of blue and green. White, as well as its variations, is one of the most effective colors that creates the feeling of open space.

If you are choosing a color other than white for your bedroom color palette, then be decisive in adding a contrasting color. Choosing the right contrasting colors can create depth and bring a unique color to your bedroom.

Idea 2: Do a Cheap Bedroom Makeover with Mirrors

Brainstorming for small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget, you do not have to splurge on expensive items to create an elegant room. You can buy inexpensive mirrors for small spaces and place them strategically in your room to make your room larger. For example, placing large mirrors on the walls over the bed or over a surface can create the illusion of openness.

Mirrors reflect artificial and natural light, so putting them across the window will create a feeling of openness and display the outdoors. When decorating with multiple mirrors, take into consideration the other items in your bedroom and any other mirrored furniture. This will allow you decipher how many mirrors you will need to place for your bedroom. Using multiple mirrors for decorating can overwhelm your space since mirrors are used to create depth.

Idea 3: DIY Curtains and Getting Creative with Your Windows

There are other ways to do DIY bedroom makeover ideas with windows besides using mirrors to reflect the outdoors. In fact, one of the best ways to use windows for your small space is to remove the flourishes. Any excessive window décor like window cornices or draping curtain panels should be removed. If you want to add curtains, add plain curtains that match the color scheme in your bedroom.

If you are creative and want some DIY bedroom makeover ideas then you can DIY your plain curtains or the curtain rods. When you need to spruce up your curtains, you can take leftover fabrics or buy small pieces of fabrics in the length of your choosing to sew into some plain curtains. You can also DIY curtains out of cheap fabric or any lengthy fabrics that you already have. Curtains are typically three yards in length, and they may need a rod pocket, which can be added with any excess piece of fabric.

Idea 4: Embrace a Minimalist Bedroom Design

Organizing small spaces can also be a productive way of making your bedroom seem spacious and feel cozier. Minimalism is a trend best for cost-effective living in order to cutting down on excess but also embracing a decluttered life. These set of values are in line with doing cheap bedroom makeovers for small spaces.

One tip on how to organize a small bedroom is to use the space under your bed as designated storage for items. The space can be used for shoes, photo albums, an old keyboard – anything that can fit under your bed to keep the clutter away. Another tip to organize your small space is to declutter often. If you find any items out of place or knocked over, set them back to where they were.

You can create your minimalist bedroom and make money by selling items that you do not need anymore. You can hold a yard sale or hand some items over to relatives or friends who might want those items. You can also sell your unwanted items on online shopping sites like eBay or Amazon.

Idea 5: Decorate Your Small Space with Floating Shelves and More

Looking for storage ideas for small spaces on a budget? Floating shelves can be a great addition for anyone looking to display their knickknacks or books. You can DIY your shelves with planks of woods and paint them to your liking. Organizing small spaces can be made easier with the extra storage. This single piece of wood has other uses besides being a bookshelf. Floating shelves can be used as a replacement for a nightstand, a replacement for an entry table by the door or it can be used as a laptop desk.

If you still want more storage, specifically for clothes, you can have or make storage for small bedroom without closet. One way to divulge your DIY bedroom makeover dreams and create a clothes rack. There are several video tutorials on the internet that show how you could make one. Another DIY project you can add to your list is a wall hung organizer. You can have a thick dowel of wood, make two holes through the dowel and string it with thin chains. You can use any material to substitute the wood, as long as it functions for hanging clothes.