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Learn About Section 8 Requirements in Louisiana

When applying for housing assistance, there are several Section 8 requirements applicants must meet for eligibility. Established and regulated by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), Section 8 is a government subsidy that helps low income families across the nation to pay for their housing costs, as well as providing additional options for home and apartment rental that may not be available otherwise. It is also known as the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. However, this program is selective, and does not apply to all low income Americans.

In Louisiana, Section 8 eligibility guidelines are established on a city-by-city basis. While the state has different regulations for each of its cities, other states regulate Section 8 by county or even through one general government organization. With the wide variety of places where Section 8 can be utilized in Louisiana, it can be a bit complex to determine who is eligible to receive such benefits. To learn more about Section 8 housing eligibility, read the sections below.

Learn About Louisiana Section 8 Requirements for Family Status

Louisiana Section 8 qualifications are quite broad, as there are many different factors that go into program eligibility. Perhaps the first point of eligibility with the Louisiana HUD is their definition of a “family.” Section 8 defines a family as any group of people living in a household together, regardless of relation. There can be workers in the family that provide a source of income, as well as dependents who do not contribute to the household income. Depending on the size of a family, different eligibility restrictions may be put in place for housing assistance.

However, Louisiana HUD housing requirements do not place a limit on the amount of people that can constitute a family in the state. Eligible households may include one to eight members or more, and it can include households with or without children, seniors or disabled persons. This definition also includes families who have been displaced by government action or natural disaster, as well as those who are remaining members of a tenant family who have since moved out of the unit. These family definitions are incredibly important, as they help to put the correct number on the amount of people that need Section 8 assistance.

What are the Section 8 income limits in Louisiana?

Your Section 8 income limits in Louisiana are heavily based on how many members of your family are going to be benefitting from housing assistance when you apply for Section 8. Income is the biggest factor in a Section 8 application, due to the fact that vouchers are designed for low-income residents who need assistance to afford housing. If your annual household income is above 80 percent of the median household income in your area of Louisiana, then you will be denied assistance. If your income is lower than 80 percent of this figure, you are eligible for Low Income Section 8 coverage. If it is lower than 50 percent, you can get Very Low Income coverage. And finally, residents with lower than 30 percent of the median household income can receive Extra Low Income coverage.

These different LA Section 8 coverage types will vary, depending on what city in Louisiana you are interested in using an HCV. Different cities have their own unique local economies, and money can often go farther in smaller towns than it can in big cities. Because of these differences, the median household income is often much higher in cities. Some examples of Section 8 housing income limits in Louisiana cities include:

  • Baton Rouge. While a Low Income family of 3 could make no more than $47,200 per year in 2018, a Low Income family of 8 could make no more than $69,200 per year.
  • While a Low Income family of 3 could make no more than $45,600 per year in 2018, a Low Income family of 8 could make no more than $66,900 per year.
  • New Orleans. While a Low Income family of 3 could make no more than $43,200 per year in 2018, a Low Income family of 8 could make no more than $63,400 per year.

These figures change every year and are posted online for each Louisiana city within the state’s HUD. Finally, the Section 8 income requirements in Louisiana are also impacted by the amount that you have in non-cash assets. These are documents and accounts that you hold that can be easily liquidated, but are not currently in the form of cash. Such items include stocks, bonds, life insurance policies, IRA accounts and more.

Learn About Louisiana Section 8 Qualifications for Legal Presence and Residency

Louisiana Section 8 housing eligibility also depends on whether or not you are legally allowed to receive financial aid from the U.S. government. You must do this by providing proof that you are a legal resident of the country, via some kind of identifying documentation. Examples of legal situations to live in Louisiana include:

  • Being a U.S. citizen or Permanent Legal Resident.
  • Being a protected refugee or asylum-seeker with documentation.
  • Being a family member to a U.S. citizen (as part of a “mixed” family).
  • Being a student of a Louisiana university from another country.

Finally, you cannot get Section 8 if you have another form of residence in or outside of Louisiana. Other housing assistance will counteract Section 8 coverage in the state.

Learn About Additional Section 8 Requirements in Louisiana

If you are wondering, “Do I qualify for low income housing in Louisiana based on all of the above requirements?” then you are nearly there. Preparing all of the necessary documents that prove your family’s income and citizenship is an excellent way to get your Section 8 application processed quickly and efficiently. However, there can be other factors that may or may not impact your eligibility. For example, the Louisiana HUD may be interested in any criminal history that you may have.

Although they receive a government subsidy for participating landlords of Section 8 homes and apartments are still concerned with safety, and your responsibilities as a tenant. If you have a criminal history or have been evicted in the past three years for a drug offense, you may be ineligible for an HCV. Establishing how to qualify for Section 8 housing in Louisiana is a complex process, and it is only meant for those residents of the state who truly need it. However, if that description applies to you and your family, it is important to know how to be prepared for such an important financial assistance process.

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