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Learn About Section 8 Requirements in Ohio

Ohio Section 8 requirements include several major factors that you have to meet and for which you also need to provide proof. These Section 8 qualifications include the make-up of your family, your total household income and the residency and citizenship status of everyone in your household. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets these eligibility standards on a national level, but your state or local government and housing authorities set the income limits for each town or city and might have additional requirements.

Meeting Section 8 income limits is one of the most important requirements for getting housing assistance. Section 8 eligibility is primarily based off of your total yearly income, but the other factors are also crucial components to consider. Your application will require you to provide proof of every claim you make, so be sure you have the forms or documents indicated to show your finances and other eligibility criteria. To learn more about eligibility requirements before you apply for Section 8 in Ohio, read the sections below.

Learn About Ohio Section 8 Requirements for Family Status

Section 8 housing eligibility in Ohio starts with your family status, which means how many people live in your household. Finding out if you qualify for Section 8 in Ohio means first looking at who contributes to your household financially and how those individuals are connected to you. Even if you are not related to your household members, they will be included when your eligibility is being determined. You will need to account for each individual with personal identifying details, which will establish your overall family status.

Other HUD housing requirements include identifying any elderly or disabled members of your household. Your eligibility for Section 8 does not depend on disability or age, but those individuals will often receive priority for accessing assistance. Remember that you will have to prove any claim made on an application, including the ages of all household members and, if anyone claims a disability, that will require proof from a medical professional or other authorized service.

What are the Section 8 income limits in Ohio?

Section 8 income requirements for Ohio are determined on an annual basis and set against the Median Family Income level for the state. However, each housing authority can choose to determine the local income limits to use, which may vary from statewide or nationwide limits. Note that the Section 8 income limits are based on the number of people in your household, which is why understanding your family status is an important first step toward understanding your eligibility.

Knowing how to qualify for Section 8 housing based on income can help in determining overall eligibility for the program. Eligibility through income is broken down into three categories: low income, very-low income and extremely-low income. Those with extremely-low income are typically given preference for participation in the program over households that qualify under low or very-low income limits. The income limits for eligibility under extremely-low income in Ohio are as follows:

  • 1 person – $14,450
  • 2 person – $16,500
  • 3 person – $18,550
  • 4 person – $20,600
  • 5 person – $22,250
  • 6 person – $23,900
  • 7 person – $25,550
  • 8 person or more – $27,200

To find out the income limits for low and very-low income households, contact your local Ohio PHA.

Learn About Ohio Section 8 Qualifications for Legal Presence and Residency

Another of the Section 8 qualifications you must meet in order to access housing assistance in Ohio is the residency and citizenship requirement. Only U.S. citizens or certain lawfully present immigrants meet the eligibility requirements for housing assistance. When you apply, you will have to supply the Social Security Number of each member of your household in order to prove their citizenship. Additionally, when you go for an interview, you will need to sign a declaration indicating your citizenship. Any non-citizens will have to prove their legal status with appropriate immigration documentation.

Eligibility for the Housing Choice Vouchers Program is also based on your local residence. Each city or county will have its own housing authority to oversee the HCVP in that area, so you will need to meet the residency requirements of that respective PHA.

You might qualify for low income housing assistance through some Ohio PHAs without proving your residence in that area. That can help if your current area has a long waiting list and you want to access other options in other housing authority areas. Be sure to ask other local PHAs about their requirements for residency before you apply, but you can generally apply to more than one PHA at any time, so go ahead and research other potential options. Just remember that you will add commuting costs if you keep your current job but move to a new area.

Learn About Additional Section 8 Requirements in Ohio

Other eligibility requirements for Section 8 in Ohio include the criminal record of anyone in your household. You will need to declare on your application whether or not anyone has been convicted of manufacturing or producing methamphetamine on the premises of any federally-assisted housing. You will also need to declare whether or not any household member has to register as a state sex offender, in which case you will not be eligible for housing assistance.

Another Section 8 requirement is a clean housing authority record. If you currently owe any rent or other payments to any housing authority, you must pay that balance in full before you can receive any assistance for another property.

Make sure you check the Section 8 requirements at your specific PHA before you submit an application, since each PHA can choose to add other qualifications. The basic federal qualifications have been explained above, but there might be other criteria you need to meet or specific documentation you need to supply in order to apply for assistance in your local area.

To contact your Ohio HUD office, click here.