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Learn About Section 8 Housing Lists

Once you are accepted into the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, it can feel difficult to start looking through Section 8 housing lists.

The program is national so you can rest assured knowing that there are listings available in every city and state. However, the Section 8 program only provides households a housing voucher. Therefore, it is up to the family to find suitable housing within the network of authorized landlords and properties.

Recipients of the program have a variety of housing options to choose from when looking for a place to live. Under Section 8, families can look into Section 8 apartment listings of privately-owned properties, as well as homes under approved landlords. Households accepted into the program are eligible to live outside of public housing and have more options for a suitable place to live. Read the sections below to understand the basic aspects of Section 8 housing lists.

How to Find Section 8 House Listings

When searching through Section 8 housing listings or apartment listings, keep yours and your family’s needs in mind. This means considering how much space your household requires or whether privacy is more important than rent cost. Also consider whether you have the skills, time or money for certain upkeep, like mowing a lawn.

There are many types of homes and properties that your family can live in, including:

  • Single-family homes.
  • Townhouses.
  • Apartments.

Each offers different benefits and serves different needs. For example, homes and townhouses require more time and money for maintenance but provide privacy and space, especially for larger families. Apartments, on the other hand, usually have less space but require less maintenance. Therefore, in your search through section 8 apartment listings or houses for rent, keep your priorities at the forefront.

Learn About Housing and Urban Development Resources

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides guidance to families looking for Section 8 listings. HUD offers housing counselors who can be found at local housing counseling agencies. These services are typically provided for free, but if an agency plans to charge you, it must inform you in advance. To find a housing counseling agency near you call, 1-800-569-4289.

While HUD is a national program, there are local housing authorities in most cities across the country that can provide you with a list of Section 8 rentals. The HUD website provides a list of housing authorities in each state with their corresponding contact information.

Learn About Online Resources

The internet is one of the best resources available if you want to conduct your search for a list of Section 8 rentals or houses. There are many popular and helpful national and local classifieds that provide listings for apartments and Section 8 houses for rent. These offer easy and simple ways to conduct your search using filters for the number of bedrooms, type of home, location and price. Most of the listings also provide photos of the property and a list of amenities that are included. Even if you do not have a computer or internet connection, you can access these sites at a public library for free. A simple search for “Section 8 rentals near me” can start you off in the right direction if you are looking for a place to live in your current area.

How Homes Qualify for Section 8 Housing Lists

Homes and apartments on Section 8 housing lists must meet certain requirements. These requirements focus on the decency, safety and sanitation of the property or unit, as properties are subject to regular inspections. Private landlords that accept section 8 must maintain the property to the voucher program’s quality standards. This includes making necessary renovations and repairs.

Any available housing that is found on lists of Section 8 rentals must meet the HUD’s payment standards for rent costs. These costs differ depending on the median yearly income in the area. Both renters and the HUD must be able to afford the cost of monthly rent, so households with rent costs over the standard are disqualified. Therefore, for a landlord to post a property on an approved section 8 housing list, his or her rent must be priced appropriately.

Learn About the Size of Section 8 Rentals You Can Qualify For

Families and individuals can qualify for many sizes of homes and apartments, just as renters for non-Section 8 rentals can. Home and apartment sizes are often listed using the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they contain.

Beneficiaries can choose from a range of bedroom sizes, from zero (studio apartments) to six, under Section 8 listings. However, homes and apartments with more bedrooms come with higher rent costs. Larger families can qualify for larger homes, as HUD standards allow for up to two people per room.

Which are the states with the most Section 8 listings?
While Section 8 housing is beneficial for very low income, it can be difficult to get off the waiting list once you apply and claim a home from those available. A Section 8 rental housing list is different in every state: Some have more availability and shorter waiting periods than others. If you are having difficulty finding housing on Section 8 housing lists for your area, you may want to expand your search.

New York, California and Ohio are the three states that have the highest number of affordable housing complexes in the United States. States like Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska have some of the least. However, even if a state has fewer complexes, it might have a significantly lower population and unemployment rate. Thus, Nebraska might be a better option than New York due to its low unemployment and population.

How to Find a Landlord Who Accepts Section 8 Vouchers

Finding a Section 8 rental housing list or apartment with a landlord who accepts the voucher is not as difficult as it might seem. It is beneficial for landlords and properties to accept Section 8 vouchers, so there may be more landlords who accept vouchers than you think. Also, vouchers are meant to be used in private real estate, which encompasses many apartment complexes outside of those used strictly for low-income housing.

An approved Section 8 housing list should specify who accepts vouchers. However, if there is an apartment building or home that you have your eye on and are unsure whether the landlord accepts your voucher or not, you can simply call or visit the building in person.